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Q: What is Dye Migration?
A: Dye migration occurs when dyes in polyester fibers migrate into and change the color of screen printing inks and the white areas of a heat transfer. Dye migration may appear immediately after screen printing or heat pressing a heat transfer, hours, days, or up to 2 weeks later.

Q: How do heat transfers protect against Dye Migration?
A: Our heat transfers have a Dye Migration Blocker built into the product. Unlike screen printing, this blocker eliminates dye migration from garments that are dyed.

Q: Do I have to take special care for Dye Sublimated Garments?
A: Because Dye-Sub Ink is heat activated, special care must be used when applying heat transfers or screen printing on sublimated garments. All manufacturers use different sublimation ink chemistries which means the temperature at which a sublimated ink will activate and migrate cannot be pinpointed. Typically, darker colors are more susceptible to dye migration because more ink is used to create darker sublimated colors. To tell if your garment is sublimated and not dyed, look at the inside. Garments that are dyed will be the same color on the inner and outer sides. Sublimated garments will be white or a much lighter color on the inner side.

Q: What can I do to avoid Dye Migration?
A: Prewashing problem garments can help to remove excess ink from the sublimation process. We recommend testing all garments prior to placing your order. Application testing and wash testing are equally important. Free heat transfer samples are always available to Dealers for testing. We will also test any garment supplied to us at no charge.

Q: What can I do to fix a Dye Migration issue?
A: Should a dye migration issue arise, the only way to fix the problem is to cover the migrated transfer with a new one. This will solve the problem in most cases because  it is not common for a garment to migrate more than once and the added thickness of the second transfer provides additional protection.

We do not accept claims for dye migration issues.

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