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Q: How do heat transfers hold up in the wash compared to screen printing?
A: By simply following the washing instructions, heat transfers will look great the entire life of your garment. On the other hand, screen printing inks start to break down after the first wash and washing may activate dye-migration.  That is when the ink from the garment migrates into the white ink and turns it a lighter shade of the garments color. For example, when white ink turns pink on a red shirt.

Q: How do "Digitally Printed" compare to "Plastisol Printed" heat transfers? A: Digitally printed heat transfers have many advantages. They are thinner, more flexible and more affordable, especially at quantities of 25-1,000 pieces. They also provide better dye-migration blocking, offer more vibrant colors, have a longer shelf life, perform better in the wash and have a much faster production time.

Q: How do "Digitally Printed" compare to "Vinyl" heat transfers?
A: While digitally printed heat transfers will always be more expensive than basic single colored vinyl, there are still many advantages. Most importantly is that digitally printed heat transfers are 100% customizable. They are also more flexible, provide better dye-migration blocking and perform better in the wash. Digitally printed heat transfers do not fall off over time if applied correctly and do not stick to themselves during the easy application process. This greatly reduces the chance of ruining a new and potentially expensive garment.

Q: Can your heat transfers be applied with a basic hand iron?
A: A heat press is needed to achieve a proper permanent bond of the transfer to the garment because a heat press applies consistent temperature, pressure and time. A hand iron can be used in pinch by using wax paper in place of the Teflon in our application instructions. However, a permanent bond will not be achieved.

Q: Can I purchase a heat press from you and then buy heat transfers direct?
A: Anyone can purchase a heat press from us. However, our heat transfers are only sold through authorized dealers. If you are not approved as an authorized dealer, you will still have to purchase your transfers from a local dealer. Your local dealer can also provide you with proper training to ensure you achieve proper application.

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